What is Worship?

In March 2007, I was approached by the youth paster at Weatherford First Baptist Church to make an introduction video to play before a series of discussions on “What is Worship?” made from small snippets of other videos as specified.

What is worship?

2007 Disciple Now

In February 2007, I helped video a Disciple Now video. I was then entrusted to edit and present the videos over the course of three days at the group meetings. Once a segment was recorded, it needed to be edited in time to be viewed at the next gathering. The first video was filmed Wednesday and shown Friday afternoon. The second video was shot Friday night and Saturday morning and shown Saturday afternoon. The third video was shot Saturday and shown Sunday morning.

2007 Disciple Now (1 of 3)

2007 Disciple Now (2 of 3)

2007 Disciple Now (3 of 3)