Brandon Berry: Media Arts Specialist

PortfolioButtonGraphicDesignsButtonVideoDesignsButtonI am a 2006 graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a major in communication art and a minor in art. I have worked professionally as a newspaper editor, page designer and consultant, graphic artist, videographer and video editor.

I am a very creative person and have worked on video projects using my other skills in public relations and marketing. My page design skills are evident in associated publications such as Durant Daily Democrat and The Southwestern. My journalistic skills were also featured in the Burkburnett Informer Star and The Tuttle Times alongside the photos. My graphic design skills were most pronounced while working at Suddenlink Inc.

I have extensive experience with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML coding and design and Apple and Microsoft operating systems. I also have more than 10 years experience in Associated Press style editing.

APOAE2007Award.jpgAs the managing editor of The Southwestern, I increased the responsibilities of the staff to include weekly column rotation and lead meetings. The banner head I developed for the front page was used from 2005 until 2009.

At Suddenlink I modified the Suddenlink logo to use against various backgrounds because it was a flat, two-color design. The embossed, translucent gradient modified logo was sent to her supervisor, where it was reported it was used as his new e-mail signature.

While at the Durant Daily Democrat, to coincide with Volume 109, Issue 1, I redesigned the banner head template to include “Inside Today’s Edition” above the fold, which usually featured the top local sports article. In turn, rack sales increased upon the redesign Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009. I produced a 44-page technical document with instructions and visual guides to train new employees to manage the newspaper website, develop templates in Quark, creating PDFs, manage the FTP sites and print to an image setter for four-color processing.

I continue to further my knowledge of pre- and post-production in digital video editing through freelance work.

This site contains a comprehensive view of my portfolio in addition to awards and resumes.